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Sometimes we must try several entries with different keywords just to find one specific item. as an example when using the keyword "Kotobukiya Rei Ayanami" on Mandarake will give you a different result than using the keywords "コトブキヤ 綾波 レイ". What we want to search are same, but the outcomes are different.

Could it be in the future when we want to add an entry, FigInStock implement an option to add another/several more keyword just to find 1 same item? With this we can have several different keywords under 1 specific thing we want to search instead of writing tons of entry just to search for one figure. The list of search items we have can be easily looked and not be to cluttered.

Thank you :)

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Yes! Sometimes a mandarake search consists of more than one term with a space between them, and figinstock will not parse these. Such as:
超合金 レイキャシール ブラック
Chogokin Racaseal Black
Because you want the chogokin vesion, not the plamo.
You want the black version, not the pink version.

How about adding the ability exclude keywords?

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