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I've put a lot of figures up for searching on Mandarake, and, there's one that's in stock right now but I didn't receive a notification for it - 戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ. And, if you search that with Good Smile Company (as I did) there's one right now for 12,000 yen.

I have super-rare figures on here to search for, but, I'm worried I won't get the notice in time and miss out of it. Can you please look into it and fix this issue? Looks like other people are getting the same thing :(

Under review


i have come across the same problem, sometimes I wont get a notification that the item has been posted on Mandarake until the item is already sold out.

Ok, I thought perhaps it was just a case of it not bothering to report old search results that were listed already at the time the search was added, but I've confirmed that a search I added did not send me an email despite there being a listing being added for it after I added the search. That would seem to be definitely broken.

Hi Chaotic,

Could you please tell me your search and the offending product ? :)

EDIT : by the way, "show result" shows you the 10 last related products for a maximum of 30 days. Some or all could be already sold out, but it also helps you refine your search.
Maybe it is not clear enough in FigInStock (?).

I think, there's something strange going on with the indexing algorithm. For example, there's item titled "KONAMI 武装神姫(busou shinki) 【飛鳥‐アスカ‐(Asuka)】". If you search for "飛鳥‐アスカ‐(Asuka)" (with dashes), it pops up, but if you search for "飛鳥 アスカ Asuka" (with spaces), it doesn't. The algorithm probably breaks strings into tokens by spaces, and then searches for exact matches. If it would search for occurrences, then it would find such item.

In sillyker0nian's case, her search query is "戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ" (notice space), while on Mandarake there is no space (i.e. 【戦場ヶ原ひたぎ(Senjyougahara Hitagi】). I think that's why no results pop up. Again, occurence thing would work.

Can someone from FigInStock developers confirm my thoughts? :)

Sorry, Orni. I wasn't keeping up with comments here.
The item has since sold out (because I bought it) but it was トランスフォーマー プライム テラーコン 破壊兵 クリフジャンパー (Translated as: Transformers Prime Terrorcon [destruction soldier?] Cliffjumper)
I'm not sure if you're suggesting it, but it was not a case of a listing of a sold out item.

Cirno, are you talking about spaces not working on FigInStock Mandarake searches? Because directly on Mandarake's website those searches work fine with spaces. It would be strange if the spaces weren't being sent properly.

I wonder if it could be an issue with kanji.

I have found a similar fault. I have a notification set up for:


There are three listed on Mandarake as of March 9th 2014 (all now sold), but only one appears on my list.

Thank your for reporting this garymoir, I will investigate.

It is possible that the 2 other items were already sold out when FigInStock read the entire listing. If so, there were not in the list.

I have the exact same problem. I have the search 鬼灯の冷徹 きゅん and this morning appeared one at Manda (still available) but I'm still to receive any notification mail or see it available here in my list : /

Are alerts based on the item title only?
If I look for 'Macross' in Mandarake, a lot of Revoltech figures are found, but if I set an alert for 'Macross Revoltech', it's not triggered by new Macross Revoltech figures.
What's the best way to input multi-term searches?

Hi TiendraCoss,

Search is currently strict. It means that if your search two words, like "Macross Revoltech", "Macross Ultimate Revoltech" will not match for example.

There is no best way to search something like that, except if Mandarake use a unique japanese pattern in their titles you can try it.

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