FigInStock To Be Shutdown

After 7 years of operation, FigInStock will close its doors this year.

As we try to figure how FigInStock can evolve, it became clear that the time we can allow to side projects like FigInstock is thin and do not allow us to make what FigInStock should be.

FigInStock is now a little out of date (technically speaking), works on aging serveurs, needs a lot of love we can not give now, and sometimes requires a lot of money. Evolutions we had planned were pushed back from month to month, to become years.

But, rather than talking about what it will become, let's talt about what FigInStock is (and soon was) :

  • The project was created in July 2010, because my wife told me she was in pain on Mandarake products checking
  • It was rebuild from scratch on may 2012 and attracted a lot of people
  • More than 12.200 users are registered on FigInStock, thank you for using it, it loves you too :)
  • 31.022 Mandarake alerts
  • 26.676 Amiami pre-owned alerts
  • 43.316 products for restocks alerts
  • 10.940 products for price alerts
  • 922.350.658 requests (we were closed to 1 billion !)
  • More than 20 milion e-mails sent (!!!)
  • 1 big server, at least 4 crawlers, working 24/7 for you

As said, FigInStock will shut down at the end of the year. All data will be erased, data will not be given to any third party.

We apologize for the sudden news and hope FigInStock helped you as hard as it can in its best years.

Thank you for using FigInStock !

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Thank you for everything. I use pretty broad search terms, so going through my giant figinstock email stack became a morning routine. You've helped me nab so many things. <3

Truly sad news, but thank you for your services. Many figures found a new home with me thanks to your pre owned email notifications.

So sad to read this, i checked every morning.. i loved all the mails. Will really miss it! :(
I always found great deals thanks to figinstock

Found many great deals because of FIS.The figure collecting world surely got a bit darker, you will be missed, thanks for everything.

friend, thank you for being the best

Its a sad news for me. But its good of you to let us know.
Figinstock services was very helpful and I thank you very much. I will miss it.

Thank you for everything

Gonna really miss this service, helped me snag a lot of items from Manda. I swear it was so fast that sometimes I'd get notifs of items being restocked before the item was even buyable on the Manda website. Thanks so much for the past few years, it's sad to see this go!

I has troubles in regard to searching on Manda (sometimes the site wouldn't even load properly, for instances) so FigInStock has greatly helped me to search for what I want,without all the hassles of switching between Japanese and English. The Amiami section also helped me up-to-date with potential deals.
Thank you for your helps in all those years, FigInStock. I had no idea I wanted a services like this till I met you and now I am at loss again in finding another services such as yours.
Good luck to the dev teams, with best health and successful endeavors in the future.

Thanks a lot figinstock!

I'd never have found my holy grail figure if it wasn't for you guys cause it would usually sell out pretty fast. You'll always be remembered!

Sad news :( I've been using FIS for almost seven years, got more than 300 figures, doujinshi and other stuff thanks to you; found so much rare ones.

Thank you for helping all this years. And good luck the new projects!

Sad to hear FIS stopping D: I got my hands on some pretty rare stuff thanks to it. As a low-budget collector without, it was also a great tool for me to keep an eye on the prices on certain figures and nab 'em when they were cheap.

Thanks for everything, your services shall be missed!

Oh no! ><
But thank you for the service! You've helped a lot of collector's in those 7 years.

really sad to see this website go, I've been using this since 2012. Thank you very much for providing this irreplaceable service to us ;A;

Thanks, got some figs cheaper then expected thanks to you.

You definitively saved me money and trouble along the years, sad to hear this, have you thought of maybe doing a fundraiser? or a subscription model? Whatever the case, you don't owe us anything, thank you so much for a great service!

Very sad to see that FigInStock is shutting down. Over the last five years, your email notifications have been a welcome sight in my In-box.

Thank you to all those involved in FigInStock. Your years of hard work provided a valuable service for collectors and helped make the hobby of collecting easier for everyone.

Farewell and good luck to all the FigInStock staff!

Thank you for everything you have done for us in the past few years.

I've used your for years and you have been a godsend I will miss you and probably many figures now without your restock alerts

Thank you for your service over the years! It will be missed. Best wishes to you!

I want to thank you so much for working so hard on this project and dedicating your time and hard work to something that was so incredibly helpful to many, many people. I'll be sad to see FigInStock close its doors, but what you did to help the collecting community will be remembered and appreciated for a very long time. Thank you so much, and may you, your wife, and all your plastic roommates have a Merry Christmas and a brave new 2018.

Figinstock helped me secure many a great figures, but this last one is special.

I've been waiting years for that one email, but only got false positives (Gotta hate name sharing). Was about to give up hope, having to manually search Mandarake every day come 2018.
But this month, right when you're about to kick the bucket, you came through and helped me get that Holy Grail. Thanks bro.

Your services will be greatly missed o7

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